Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose Photovisions?

I specialise purely in interior design and architecture photography. I concentrate solely in this genre, keep up to date with leading techniques and have a network of many like minded photographers globally. I do not offer services such as wedding, portrait or commercial photography as I do not believe that covering many genres allows the development of experience, skill and techniques for such a specific area.

I am a lifelong photographer with experience in photography in many areas and I really enjoy wildlife and landscape photography, but these areas are purely a hobby. My main area of expertise is in photographing interior and exteriors of architectural, commercial and residential buildings. It is my passion, I am very dedicated and will work closely with clients to achieve high quality photographs tailored to your needs. I will not tell clients what or how photographs should be taken, I believe the best possible results are achieved by working as a team. Adding together the minds of an architect or Interior Designer with a specialised photographer are the recipe for success.


Cost of photographic services

Each project has to be tailored to photographic needs and therefore a specific price cannot be quoted without liaison between the client and photographer. My quotes are very competitive. The cost of delivered photographs includes planning, liaison, travel, the photographic shoot and post processing in Adobe Photoshop which often takes as much time as the photographic shoot, so please bare these factors in mind. Usually a quote can be given if I am supplied with a floor-plan for interiors, map for exteriors and a few photographs and where necessary a site visit can be undertaken. For large or ongoing projects discounts are available.


Photograph usage

I offer a generous license usage. The purchaser is free to use photographs for marketing of their company on websites, brochures and advertisements in magazines, offices or trade shows for an unlimited time. Additional fees are charged for editorials in national magazines, paid advertising campaigns or publication in books or for billboards. Additional costs are charged for companies wishing to share photographs. You are not allowed to sell or pass on the photos to a third party company for their marketing or for sales, for example, photographic libraries or consumer magazines. It is usual for organizations to remunerate the photographer when a photographs are published and any organization should arrange a usage license directly with me. These measures are standard in the UK and help protect photographers from being taken advantage of. You should ask yourself why should these companies receive free photographs at the expense of a photographer, when they will be making money from them.


Turnaround time

An equal time for photography is required for post production. Depending on demand, the earliest I can supply fully polished photographs is within two days and no later than four days after the photographic shoot. At the time of the photographic session, I will be in a position to advise you on when the photographs will be available. Photographs are usually delivered via email or Dropbox and supplied in your requested format - JPEG, TIFF or RAW. We do not offer a printing service, but can recommend companies that do.

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